Our mission is to save lives by increasing awareness, education, research and offering emotional and financial support to patients with breast cancer. 

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Dr Houriya Kazim, President & Founder

Dr. Houriya Kazim has spent the past 17 years campaigning to eradicate breast cancer in her native country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Learn More

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partnership with Al Jalila Foundation

Al Jalila Foundation, a global philanthropic organization dedicated to transforming lives through medical education and research. Learn More


Be Aware: Breast Cancer Affects Us All


Yes, You Can Help Save Lives


Brest Friends relies on donations, sponsors and fund-raising activities to raise money for breast cancer treatment and research. Funds collected go toward breast cancer treatment and research in the UAE.


Sporting events

Brest Friends in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation has been the beneficiary for walks, golf tournaments, skydiving, swimming, cycling and the physically challenging events.

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Schools and institutions are keen to work with upon their school projects. In addition to fund-raising for breast cancer treatment and research, breast cancer awareness is created.


Corporate & Special Promotions

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Products such as jewelry, candles, art and other items have been sold by various entities who have then donated the proceeds to Brest Friends in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation. These have appeared in beauty salons, gyms and fitness centers, corporate events, as well as public events. If you are interested in exploring fundraising activities for Brest Friends, please contact us.